Pricing & Fees

Payment methods: Paypal, Check by Mail, Google Wallet

If you need to hire me long-term, and want to make automatic monthly payments, you can do so on my Patreon.

Everything's negotiable-- just email me at and ask.



$200 total
($100 up front, $100 when it's done.)
Credit: None, the logo belongs to you after the final payment.
Non-profit organizations/charities: 30% off

Character Drawings

Fanfiction characters, original characters.
FOR PRINT (large files)
Color: $80 (Half up front) 
Black & White: $40 flat fee.
FOR GAMES (small files)
$10-$30 for each frame. (This varies in complexity, so let's talk. Contact me.)

Manga or Western-style Comics

Fanfiction, original stories
You pick the style, I mimic it.
Digital or Hand Drawn.
Credit: Name on front & inner cover.
Come with a detailed script or sketches.
• Black & white with shading & lighting: $80 per page
• Black & white w/o shading: $60 per page
• Color, shading & lighting: $100 per page
Contact me.

Sprite Art / Pixel Art

You pick the style, I mimic it.
Animations & backgrounds.
Credit: Name in credits roll.
Character/Object Sprites:
$10 per hour
$30-$50 per commission
The complexity of this sort of art varies widely. Let's talk. Contact me.