Past Client Recommendations

"I was fortunate to work with Faith on a pixel-art styled video game. She contributed delightfully in both her role as concept sketch artist and as character sprite animator.  Moreover, she had a knack for helping me find what a character should be through her concept work.  
As Faith was not our only artist, she was saddled with matching someone else’s style. While any amateur would struggle with this, Faith shifted styles with apparent ease, the mark of a true professional.  Not only was her work visually compatible, it was surpassing in quality, bringing details to her animations that made her work pop without detracting from the scene around it.Based on several months of work, I have concluded that Faith is an excellent creative talent.  She can design and animate in a wide range of styles. Her work blends seamlessly with preexisting environment art.  Yet she raises the bar by adding unexpected details which contribute a richness that surpasses expectation.However, Faith is so much more than the sum of her skills.  Her ability to collaborate with a team from afar is amazing.  She is self-directed, but smart about communication and ensures that she meets expectations.  She takes feedback with an attitude of professionalism, and she embraces the iterative process without complaint.If you have the opportunity to work with her, take it.  You will be indelibly impressed by Faith."

-Jesse LaVigne
Executive Partner

Heavy Key Studios LLC

"I first met Faith as a student while I was teaching at Wilmington University. I then over saw her senior project and brought her into my company as an intern. 
Faith has worked for Train Your Muse since Jan 2012 as an important part of our team.
Faith’s toolbox for art is deep. She is excellent with her time management and works exceedingly well to deadlines.
She is not just an artist but a writer as well. 
As a team member she is insightful, empathetic, and brings sound problem solving skills to the table.
In her personal time she is involved in activities that contribute to her community, designing logos for organizations such as Delaware Autism and Heart & Mind Counseling for abused children. 
I am absolutely certain that you want Faith as a part of your team. She will prove to as much of an asset for your organization as she has been for mine."

-Margaret MS Kirby, MIS
"I contracted Faith to do a retro/hippies/blues style logo & cd cover and the girl rocked it. She listened intently and actually heard the theme/message we were looking for. Her preliminary sketches knocked it out of the park... tons of different options & styles, and way-out-of-the-box ideas. This girl is loaded with creativity. 
Working through revisions has been a dream. The final results are like she lived in our heads and saw exactly what we dreamed of. We highly without reservation recommend that you hire her for any and all graphic designs you need."

-Linda LopezOffice Manager at Air Quality Remediation, LLC 

"Faith is awesome and very creative."

-Mary BrittinghamLibrary Director at Millsboro Public Library
Mary Brittingham

"Faith is incredibly talented. She has designed a beautiful piece that I will proudly display for the rest of my life! Working with her was wonderful as she completely understood what I was looking for and executed it perfectly."

- Christina Caasi
Referring to a tattoo designed by Faith April